The STONETECH® Countertop Warranty Program provides peace-of-mind protection for your customer's investment. The program guarantees protection on all new granite, quartzite, basalt and marble countertops from the daily assault of regular household stains, such as red wine and olive oil spills, with the use of STONETECH BulletProof Sealer.

High quality and environmentally friendly, STONETECH BulletProof® Sealer is a water-based natural-look sealer that provides maximum stain protection on the most porous natural stone surfaces. Program participation requires the purchase of the STONETECH Countertop Warranty Care Kit, which includes STONETECH BulletProof Sealer, and STONETECH Revitalizer® Cleaner & Protector in citrus scent, a daily cleaner specifically designed for natural stone.

The care kit provides the warranty registration number and all related warranty documents.

Features and Benefits:
  • 25-year residential countertop warranty
  • 15-year commercial/industrial countertop warranty
  • 1-year outdoor warranty on select granite options
  • Guarantees protection on common household food and beverages*
  • Protects all new granite, marble, basalt and quartzite countertop installations
  • Covers replacement material and labor if stain cannot be removed
  • Fully transferable warranty with title of property - no limitations
  • All STONETECH® Sealer installers are certified professionals
  • Comprehensive program servicing U.S. and Canada
  • U.S.-based warranty administration, support and claim processing through Protect Plus SurfacesTM
  • Options available for existing residential granite countertops. See website for 10 Year-Back Warranty Program details.
For further warranty program details, see

*Does not cover etching and watermarks.

Prices, inventory and promotions may vary by retailer. Please call the store first to check actual availability of this item.