DuPont™ Universal Valve-In-Head Whole House Filtration System WFPF3800 Series

Features: Filters up to 15,000 gallons per cartridge

Product Details

- System includes 1 Universal 800 Series Carbon Wrap 2-Phase Cartridge

- Pressure relief valve

- Certified for low lead content, material safety and structural integrity

- Easily upgrade to higher-performing DuPontTM Pre-Filter Cartridges

- ¾” inlet/outlet for high flow

- System Performance Rating: Ultimate

- Carbon Performance: Better

Product Features

Easy-Glide by-pass valve allow cartridge replacement without shutting off water

Clear casing allows for monitoring life of whole house water filter

3-Year Warranty


Reduces sediment like rust and silt particles

Improves the tap and bath water by reducing sediment

Food & beverages taste better when made with filtered water

Extends the life of household appliances that use or process water

Watch installation video here.

Watch Spanish installation video here.

Download installation manual here.

Download performance data sheet here.

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