DuPontTM Whole House Poly Block Cartridge WFPFC5002

Features: Filters up to 15,000 gallons

Product Details

- 5 GPM, 10 micron

- Reduces sediment, rust

- Cartridge performance rating: Best

- Fits all DuPont™ Whole House Water Filter Systems and most other brands of standard-size systems

- Lasts up to 3 months

Product Features

Convenient 2-pack lasts up to 30,000 gallons, or 6 months


Reduces sediment like rust and silt particles

Improves the tap and bath water by reducing sediment

Extends the life of household appliances that use or process water

Certified NSF/ANSI Standard 42: Particulate Class IV

Certified NSF/ANSI Standard 372: Low Lead Content & Compliance

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