Brita® Universal Faucet for Filtered Water Model FCT-102

Product Details

- Works with Brita® Under Sink Filtration Models USS-120, USS-301, USS-302, and USS-323

Product Features

Diverts filtered water from your main faucet to auxiliary faucet for filtered water

Use filtered water for drinking, cooking and beverages

Works with filter systems with 3/8” water lines

Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 42: for Material Safety and Structural Integrity Requirement Only


3-year limited warranty

Enjoy filtered water for cooking and drinking

Keeps regular water flow at your main faucet for cleaning, etc.

Fits all undersink systems

Provides a dedicated faucet for filtered water

Sleek design performs while enhancing decor

Download installation instructions here.

Order the Brita Universal Faucet for Filtered Water Model FCT-102 here.

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